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Decorative Rocks  | True Value Hardware Simi Valley - Simi Valley, CA

Few outdoor or yard fixtures or decorative appliances can more markedly differentiate your domestic space than one of our elegant, contemporary designed decorative rocks.

These rocks can add a sense of rugged beauty and unspoiled subtlety to any backyard in Simi Valley and can be installed at a level of value for your money you will not find elsewhere.

We source only the finest stones from nearby quarries and have them refined and polished so that they can add a unique and customized feel to your back garden that is normally impossible to achieve at this value.

We offer all natural colored gravel, river rock and boulders in a variety of shapes and sizes. These include pebbles and large scale ground rocks, as well as boulder size units in all styles, polishes, and refinements.

All rocks purchased will be delivered by our expert team. We endeavor to work as closely as we can around the busy schedules of all of our customers, and we will be as flexible as possible with regards to delivery times.

So breathe a new sense of life into your backyard with one of our beautiful decorative rocks today. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help and advise you with regards to design and layout.

So for a true home value center, it has to be True Value Hardware Simi Valley.