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Fasteners For Sale  | True Value Hardware Simi Valley - Simi Valley, CA

There are few things more frustrating than being half-way through a home improvement job and being unable to find that one elusive part that prevents completion, especially when that part happens to be a fastener or hinge only the size of your little finger and yet is necessary to the completion of the whole job.

At True Value Hardware Simi Valley, we have the solutions for you. We possess among the widest array of fasteners and hinges of all types suited to even the most specific of requirements.

Cut out the lengthy waiting times that hold up a project when you order the part from another store. With True Value Hardware Simi Valley, you have the best chance of finding the fastener you need within the same day. If we don’t have it, nobody else will, and our massive industry connections and delivery network means that we can source the part faster than any of our competitors.

We offer today all of the fastening equipment that you could ever need, from wall mounted hooks in a variety of sizes, scales, shapes and colours, graphite command hooks in all sizes and design types suited for any job, as well as all of the screw and joiner bolts that you will ever require.

In addition, we possess a wide array of ultra-strong scotch and mounting tapes with the durability for even the toughest of jobs and an unrivaled degree of adaptability.

So get to True Value Hardware Simi Valley for all your fastener requirements today and discover a true home value center.