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There are few things in life more rewarding than the feeling of completing a home improvement job on your own. Seeing the work come together at your own fingertips is among the most exciting experiences that any home improvement enthusiast can encounter.

In short, there is nothing like a good plan coming together. The only possible downside to this pursuit is the difficulty that one can experience in sourcing the materials required in order to complete your unique vision and customized project. So take the stress out of this process with True Value Hardware Simi Valley today.

True Value Hardware Simi Valley possesses the widest range of hardware tools and home accessory parts that is available anywhere in Simi Valley and surrounding ares at the best prices available today.

At True Value Hardware Simi Valley we have it all, from adhesives, glues and sealants to cabinet locks and pulls. From door hardwares, knobs and locks to garage and gate equipment, as well as hand trucks, dollies, hinges, and home safety and security fixtures, such as smoke and burglar alarms.

We also offer mailboxes, house numbers, nails, staplers and joiners, padlocks, rope and twine, screen and storm doors, tape, weather proofing equipment, and window hardware, as well as everything in between.

So whatever the nature of your home improvement project, True Value Hardware Simi Valley is the one-stop shop for all of your equipment needs.